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Keep your house bankruptcy Olympia Tumwater Lacey Shelton Montesano Elma Yelm Rochester Tenino Centralia Chehalis McClearyA foreclosure sale can be stopped by filing for bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing will generally stop a foreclosure sale for a short period of time, but the mortgage(s) must be brought current in a fairly short time frame or the foreclosure sale can proceed despite the bankruptcy filing or shortly after the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case closes.

The more common bankruptcy response to a pending foreclosure sale is to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  The filing of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will generally stop a foreclosure sale and the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan can propose a 3 to 5 year plan to bring the mortgage(s) current.  This kind of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is often referred to as a house saver plan.

Wages and bank accounts garnished Olympia Tumwater Lacey Shelton Montesano Elma Yelm Rochester Tenino Centralia Chehalis McClearyIf you have received a notice of default on your home, it is time to call us to discuss whether we can help you with a Chapter 13 House-Saver Bankruptcy Plan.

Receiving a notice of default is a very serious matter.  Even if you think you will be able to bring your payments current, or think you have a loan modification that will save your home, you should consider seeking legal advice regarding your situation.

If a foreclosure sale date has been set you should call and let’s see if we can help you keep your home.

There is no charge for the initial consultation for a personal bankruptcy.

Call us if you would like to learn more about how a bankruptcy filing can help you prevent a foreclosure sale of your home.

A Note to Homeowners from the Federal Trade Commission.  Please read these warnings before you pay anyone to help you avoid a foreclosure.


The current Federal program to help homeowners with foreclosure protection is called Making Home Affordable. This program will not stop a foreclosure sale, but it may help you with a loan modification. Here is the link to Making Home Affordable.


Here is a link to the Federal program to help avoid foreclosure.

Here is a link to the Make Home Affordable program.

Here is our handout on the steps in a loan modification.


Washington State passed the Foreclosure Fairness Act in 2011 that established a Foreclosure Mediation Program.  Here is a link to the Foreclosure Mediation Program.

Here is a handout that describes the Foreclosure Mediation Program.

Foreclosure Sale Websites

This is not all of the foreclosure websites, but it is a couple of the most common foreclosure websites.

Northwest Trustee Services

USA Foreclosure Services

The Washington State Association for Justice has an Foreclosure Assistance information page.

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions has a website and may able to help through their Homeownership assistance program.

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You can reach us by telephone at (360) 943-6200.

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We are a debt relief agency.   

We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. 

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