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Filing a bankruptcy case can help you restore driving privileges and help you get your driver’s license back.  If your license is suspended because you had a motor vehicle accident during a time period when you had no Let's drive again without worries bankruptcy Olympia Tumwater Lacey Shelton Montesano Elma Yelm Rochester Tenino Centralia Chehalis McClearyliability insurance or you were under-insured, then a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing may allow you to discharge the debt of the uninsured motor vehicle accident.  Your driver’s license and your driving privileges can be restored shortly after the filing of the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

It is also possible to have your driving privileges suspended if you have received ticket and infractions that you have not been able to pay.   Traffic fines and infraction fines are are not discharged through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but your driving privileges can be restored if these debts are included through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing.  These Chapter 13 cases are often referred to asLet's Drive Olympia Tumwater Lacey Shelton Montesano Elma Yelm Rochester Tenino Centralia Chehalis McCleary “driver’s license” cases.  The Chapter 13 Plan in a driver’s license case is often scheduled to run for the full 5 years.  The extended time frame allows for more payment to non-dischargeable debts and may provide the best opportunity to come out of this kind of bankruptcy filing in the best possible financial situation.  Debts that cannot be discharged and are not paid through the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan will survive the bankruptcy and collection activity can resume on these accounts once the Chapter 13 Plan completes.

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We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. 

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