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If you get behind on payments a  creditor may sue you for the unpaid debt.  If you have received a lawsuit to collect old bills you should contact our firm to discuss your situation.   A lawsuit can result in a court issuing a judgment against you foBEST bankruptcy lawyer olympiar the debt and this judgment can then become the basis for garnishment of wages or bank accounts.  The creditor will be able to use the judgment to receive an order of garnishment and once the garnishment order is served to your employer, you will begin to lose significant amounts of your earned income.

The garnishment can generally be stopped through the bankruptcy filing, but if you wait until your wages or bank accounts have been garnished to begin the process of getting your bankruptcy ready to file you may lose a significant amount of money. lawsuit garnishment These financial losses can make it more difficult to afford the costs of preparing and filing a bankruptcy.

Garnished wages will generally not be returned to you.   Funds seized from a bank account will also generally not be returned to you. In some cases, we may be able to get all or part of the funds returned to you.

If you have been served with a lawsuit for collection call our office and let’s set up an appointment for you to discuss your situation with an attorney to see if a bankruptcy filing is in your best interest.  There is generally no fee required for this consultation.

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